About us

ILG is one of the world’s leading fashion accessories company possessing a portfolio of internationally renowned licensed brands distributed worldwide. A recognized leader in the watchmaking market, and a fast growing player in the branded eyewear, jewelry and leather goods markets, ILG thrives on the founding principles of fashion, innovation and quality. Integrating these very principles in each of its selected brands, ILG offers a vibrant portfolio of understated luxury, distinctive design, modern technology and contemporary styling.

ILG has a portfolio of distinguished complementary brands under license: AIGNER, ESCADA, CERRUTI 1881, GANT, POLICE and TIMBERLAND. ROAMER, SWISS MILITARY and HANOWA belong to our established, historical Swiss brand portfolio. ILG is present in over 90 countries worldwide, with current sales offices in UAE, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy and Australia, as well as logistics hubs in Switzerland, UAE and Hong Kong.


The International Luxury Group expanded within few years to a remarkable, internationally acting network of several directly owned companies. Thanks to our highest efforts and the passion of all our partners, we reached the target of long-lasting partnerships with a growing brand portfolio.

The origin of the portfolio goes back to the 19th century, when our historical brand Roamer was established. ILG’s remarkable success story started in the early 21st century when the licenses for AIGNER and POLICE watches and jewelry were aquired. In these early stages of our company’s history we pushed our licenses in Swiss Made design, marketing, manufacturing, worldwide distribution and quality service which gained remarkable recognition worldwide.

Companies such as Tick Tack AG, Swiss Fashion Time GmbH, Roamer of Switzerland AG, FM Swiss Logistics AG, Hanowa AG, Fabhor Suisse SA and Montres Onsa AG form the fundament of our group’s network. The ILG headquarter is situated in Möhlin, Switzerland where logistics, supply chain management, sales backoffice, marketing and brand management are located. ILG employs 850 people within its network.

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is to be the leading company in the watch and jewelry industry sector based on the following points:

Strong brand communication and collection building.
We pursue to offer the best design, quality and product value in our business categories with our “think global, act local” approach.

Permanently aspiring for prime performance.
We believe in our team and continuous development. Our business is all about motivated people.

Integrity is the core of our actions.
Respectful and integrated collaboration with employees, suppliers and business partners. We are all part of a global team.

Providing excellent services to our partners.
Our retailers and consumers are key to our long term success.

Increasing sales and profit regularly.
Ensuring the security and growth of our company and providing a surpassing return to our shareholders.


Brand licensing
ILG strives to build, strengthen and maintain the unique brand identities by executing a professional brand marketing. Through cross category licensing we guarantee a transversal coherence in the product and marketing mix. Amongst others we concentrate on regular product launches and international expansion. Our carefully elaborated activities include the development and implementation of global advertising strategies. The integrated communication consists of tasks such as fairs and events, merchandising, press release as well as above-the-line promotion along with on- and offline advertising.

Design & Manufacturing
We constantly research global trendsetting intensively. The valuable designs are carefully incorporated into the product development of internationally renowned and branded products. Likewise we consider these designs in our very successful private labelling division. Consequently ILG is able to manufacture first-rate products of high contemporary styling and hence meets the current market demands precisely.

Manufacturing facilities in Switzerland
Swiss Made stands for high quality and enjoys a high-profile awareness with excellent standards. Our Swiss Made brands are produced in our own factory in Mendrisio, Switzerland.
The production takes place in a facility with a surface of 15‘000 m2 and is spread over 3 floors. More than 150 employees, which are specialists in the watch manufacturing process, produce and assemble Swiss Made timepieces with the latest technology. Quality control is maintained through professionals with longtime experience and the latest hightech tools. Every watch is checked under hydraulic pressure and liquid environment to ensure water resistance.

Global Distribution & Service
ILG offers a strong and well-established global supply chain and distribution network built on long lasting and cooperative partnerships. Therefore we have a very strong presence in over 90 countries all over Europe, Middle East and Asia. Satisfying query handling as well as prompt repair services are further duties we take very seriously.